Classification of Ceramic Products

Ceramic Goods through the United States FBA shipping

Ms. Xu is from Chaozhou, Guangdong Province. She is an e-commerce operations manager for a ceramic products company that sells ceramic cups, bottles and crafts for export throughout the United States. Ms. xu recently proposed to Amazon warehouse send one vote goods shipped to the United States, so "the amazon shipping door to door" on baidu's search to find out YiXing Global logistics, Ms. Xu see our company is focus on the special line shipping international freight forwarders, also in the website above to browse a lot of cases related to logistics, then contact me to communicate, after simple to understand and then left his contact information for the salesman. 

Ceramic Goods through the United States FBA shipping

Soon,Peggy, a manager of YiXing Global logistics, called Ms. Xu to find out the quantity information of the relevant products and the specific design of the transportation scheme. Through communication, I learned that Ms. Xu had cooperated with many forwarders before. Due to a variety of factors, such as price time limit, product damage is the most common problem, so Ms. Xu has a lot of concerns about these problems, and the YXL logistics side said that it would carry out reasonable transportation of the goods, and on the product packaging is also suggested to pay more attention to, try to avoid these damage. Ms. Xu also said that there are about 15 squares of goods to be sent to the Amazon warehouse in the United States this time, which need to be double-cleared by sea.

I also made a quotation according to the quantity of Miss Xu's goods, and also informed that the shipping time to her designated Amazon warehouse in the United States would be about 24 days. Ms. Xu has been through goods before, and she is quite clear about these timeframe prices. After accounting, she also readily accepted this transportation plan. After Ms. Xu provided the relevant information, I immediately arranged for the driver to collect the goods, and reminded the driver to pay attention to the safety of the goods. After the goods are centrally transported to our warehouse, the goods can be removed as soon as the shipping date arrives. Later, YiXing Global logistics also provided timely logistics information to Ms. Xu, so that customers could fully grasp the situation of cargo transportation and follow up in time no matter what problems there were. This is also an important factor for YXL Logistics to satisfy all customers.

The US shipping price of YiXing Global logistics has always been very competitive, because we focus on the US transportation and have more than ten years of operating experience in the Sino-US special line transportation. So no matter you have ocean FCL, LCL, bulk cargo transport needs, we can according to your requirements for safe and efficient transportation, let you rest assured!

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