Classification of the Keyboard

Keyboard LCL shipment to United States

Keyboard LCL shipment to United States

The international logistics platform of YiXing Global logistics company has been entrusted by Ms Lin of Gogate Technology Co.Ltd. It is understood that Ms.Lin is usually engaged in the business of electronic products, but this is the first time that she has the opportunity to cooperate with the American buyer for export, so she needs to find an American cross-border logistics platform that has been engaged in export business for a long time.

The United States Ocean Line

Ms.Lin learned about YiXing Global Logistics platform on the internet by chance and got in touch with Peggy . YXL logistics platform takes this opportunity to tell you about the electronic products exported to United States by Sea. After contacting with Ms.Lin, Peggy learned that Ms.Lin needed to ship a batch of keyboard to the United States, and customized two sets of transportation plans for them to export to the United States.

The first package: export by air. It will fly directly from Shenzhen to the United States, and YiXing Global logistics platform will be responsible for arranging the delivery to the buyer’s place after the completion of Customs clearance in the United States. The advantage of this scheme is that the transportation speed is fast, but the handling times are more, which may cause some damage to the outer packaging of the keyboard.

The second scheme: sea transport for export Peggy from YXL global Logistics platform explained to Ms.Lin in detail the requirements and steps of a series of transportation work nodes, such as booking space, packing, customs clearation, customs clearance at destination port and delivery. Ms.Lin was very satisfied and finally decided to choose the American special line for ocean transportation. The advantage of this scheme are safety and reliability, cost saving and less handling times. The disadvantage is that the transportation time is longer than air freight.

For Ms.Lin keyboard export goods, the Shenzhen local booking declaration work are made by Porsche express international logistics platform staff dockyard and arrangement, after Ms.Lin feedback was impressed with the work may also express international platform, professional packing and preparation of related documents to ensure smooth shipment booking, customs declaration, transportation abroad.

May also express international logistics platform for foreign agent for Ms.Lin in the prophase of export goods made sufficient preparation, so in a foreign country is not due to lack of documents or clearance of the goods does not conform to the problems such as obstacle, fully meet the requirements of the export keyboard, transport and customs clearance and the customs clearance after the completion of the first accurate delivery of the place where the buyer Ms.Lin.

Ms.Lin’s foreign customers are very satisfied with this first cooperation and the arrival of goods, so they have established a long-term cooperative relationship with Ms.Lin expresses her gratitude to YXL global logistics platform for this.