FBA AIR From China to USA


YiXing Global Logistics has established long-term and friendly cooperative relations with many American airlines such as UPS, DHL, Federal, United Airlines, etc., and can provide the seller customers with FBA freight delivery and express service.
Covering pick up, packaging, warehousing, customs clearance, booking, delivery, insurance and other one-stop services.

Air shipment to the United States operation process


FBA AIR service advantages

FBA AIR service advantages

Safety advantage: the whole process tracking, responsible for the special person, to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods; Quick settlement of lost and damaged goods.


Price advantage: four major international express, many international airlines direct cooperation, no intermediate link, fair and transparent price.


Time advantage: strong customs clearance ability, many overseas local agents; Clearance ability up to 99%; Arrange vehicle delivery in advance.


Service advantage: one-stop considerate service. Customized reasonable logistics and transportation plan; Provide full range of goods according to service; A professional team deals with problems in a timely manner.