FBA Overseas Warehousing Transfer

Now many of the United States overseas warehouse will provide transfer to Amazon overseas warehouse service. Compared with direct transportation to Amazon's overseas warehouse in the United States, transshipment can help sellers save certain transportation costs, improve replenishment efficiency, and improve the speed of product delivery.As for the process and cost of transferring to Amazon's overseas warehouse in the United States, the following will be introduced to you.


Process of transferring to Amazon Overseas Warehouse in the US:

First, the seller has to ship the goods from the country to a designated U.S. warehouse overseas. Some overseas warehouses in the United States will provide warehouse matching services, so that the seller does not have to contact the logistics company. After receiving the goods from the seller, the overseas warehouse will unpack, count, record and put them on the shelves, and then synchronize the information of the product inventory to the seller. When Amazon Overseas Warehouse needs replenishment, the seller notifies the Overseas Warehouse, and then the goods will be packaged, labeled and sent to the designated Amazon warehouse according to the seller's requirements.

What are the costs of transferring to Amazon Overseas Warehouse?

1. Head freight: The cost for the seller to transport the goods to the United States through a logistics company. The cost of shipping is different from that of air freight. Generally, the cost of ocean shipping is lower.

2. Management fee: It mainly refers to some management expenses for goods in the overseas warehouse of the United States, such as inventory, shelving, input system, etc., and there will be management fee for goods out of the warehouse.

3. Storage fee: the overseas warehouse will charge the seller some storage fees every month. Generally, the cost is calculated according to the area and weight of the goods. The specific charging standard should be consulted with the overseas warehouse company.

4. Delivery fee: when a buyer orders, the overseas warehouse will arrange product delivery and transportation, through their own team or by the local logistics company for delivery, the seller is required to pay a certain delivery fee.

At present, many overseas warehouses in the United States will provide the service of transferring to Amazon's overseas warehouses. We will mainly check whether it is suitable for users to transfer the service according to our own actual situation. Because the transfer will produce a certain service fee, but also may produce inventory backlog and other situations; But also according to the overseas warehouse service, costs and other aspects to choose a suitable overseas warehouse.

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