FBA Returns Goods to China, Warehousing Service in China

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Do Amazon sellers know why their products will be returned and changed labels, and how to deal with FBA returned orders?

FBA returns goods to China

Reasons for Amazon seller FBA returning goods to change labels:

1. Customer complaints and bad reviews result in the account being permanently closed.

2. Listing audit is not qualified.

3. Goods involved in imitation brand, infringement, resulting in the account was closed.

4. The product packaging is damaged and cannot be entered into FBA as a new product.

5. If the account is closed or complained, replace the new account for sales.

6. The sales volume of account A is not good, so we need to replace the high-quality account B for sales.

7. After domestic delivery, the label error can not be sold, need to be re-shelved.

The correct way to deal with FBA returns is divided into two situations:

The first type: The buyer has received the goods:

1. For the return problem caused by the FBA order, the goods will be returned to the FBA warehouse and FBA will deal with it.The seller can contact FBA to take the goods back to the warehouse, and the refund will be processed after the buyer returns the goods.

2. If the returned goods are not damaged, you can contact Amazon to re-label them for resale. If they are damaged, Amazon will remind you that the product is no longer salable.
You can ask Amazon to destroy it, or ask a third-party overseas warehouse company to ship it back to China, or ask a third-party overseas warehouse company that can provide repair and return service to handle it for you.

Second type: the buyer has not received the goods:

1. If your goods in the forwarder that did not officially issued, can cut back on cut back, to the buyer for a full refund processing.

2. If you has sent the goods that cut not to come back, that suggests you negotiate with the buyer, said the goods have been sent out now, after waiting for the buyer to receive the goods, see like not to like to decide again is not to do the goods.

3. If the buyer still does not agree, will now deal with the goods, can consider their own product cost to negotiate with the buyer only refund part of the money, the goods will be given to the buyer for free, in order to reduce the loss.When you encounter the problem of FBA return, you should relax your mind and try your best to find a way to reduce your loss and properly appease the sellers' emotions.